WinDirStat Disk space analyzer

The #1 Disk Space Analyzer for Windows

A Disk Space Analyzer can be of great help when you have no idea which file is taking so much space on your massive disk drive.

WinDirStat – Free Disk Space Analyzer

A great option is this handy software WinDirStat which you can download from here.

It is free and has enough good features that can elevate your chances of knowing and then doing something about the file, that may or may not be of any importance to you or for your system.

After starting WinDirStat, you’ll be asked to select whether you want to analyze what is taking up space on all of your Local Drives, some of the Drives or a Folder on your Pc. So select as you wish.

Analyze Local drives or Folder


Be sure that the more the size of your drive is, the more time it will take to complete the analysis. You can see the progress bar at the top left of the WinDirStat window.

WinDir Stat Analyzing Disk Space


After the analysis is complete you will see the treemap which will show big and small colourful boxes below.  These colourful boxes represent each file on your selected drive or folder. The size of the boxes represents the size of the file.

Treemap for analysis


To understand which colour represents what type of file, you can see at the right of the WinDirStat window. So you know which file to delete, a .iso file or a Video etcetera

File type information diskspace analyzer

Note: Don’t delete just any file. If its a system file, you should better leave it, as it might be important for Windows to work properly.

To delete a file simply click on its coloured box. Then press “Alt + C” to show the Clean Up menu and press D, to delete or W to permanently delete the file. Of course, you can do it with mouse quite easily too.

Delete file Disk space analyzer

In the Clean-up menu, you will also see an option Explorer here, which opens the location of the file in your file explorer.

Conclusion: This software really is a magic. It is simple and provides enough options to get you less burdened.

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