Speed up your PC Performance with Advanced System Optimizer

Missing the old days when your Pc was fast and operating it was a breeze?Wondering how to get he Pc back in shape? then read on..

How often do you blame your hardware for the sluggish behavior of your PC.. everytime! But, what most people don’t know is that most of the times the problem is not with your hardware but rather the software.
A simple explanation to that would be: Software is composed of many different parts like registry, device drivers etc that combine together to get the software up and running.Software requires each part to be functioning as it is supposed to be to be flawless. Things like registry errors, now, you obviously don’t mess your registry settings by going to regedit and messing with the keys, but what does that is the software that you install, Viruses and malwares(which even after removing with a decent antivirus leaves its traces). Alike and unlike these are many problems which decrease your system’s performance.

Advanced System Optimizer is built just for such an occasion. It provides many optimization tools to resolve the issues that are diminishing your system’s performance with tons of other helpful features.

One click Soltuion
Smart PC Care is a one click solution to your Pc problems. It combines several PC system utility features into one computer-scanning engine for the user’s convenience. With the click of just one button, this tool erases junk data, defragments your hard drive, removes spyware and privacy traces, repairs and optimizes your registry, and updates device drivers. While all of this can be done individually, with other handful tools, there’s a reason i titled it One click Solution ;).

The Common Problems Fixer
This tab includes the standard  issues your computer might have. Features include Fine tuning, Optimizing security settings and locating duplicate files on your computer.

The Pc fixer acts like a troubleshooting gudie. It lists many frequent Pc problems that may or may not exist on your computer. It basically assists on maintaining the performance of your computer.
Other features of this PC system utility work together to identify and solve security concerns. The System and Security Advisor feature gives advice on optimizing the system and security settings that can eat up a lot of system resources. Other tools spot settings that aren’t crucial to the operation of your system, so you can implement the recommendations without having to worry about crashing your system.
The Regular Maintenance
This tab displays tools for updating your system’s device drivers, managing start-up applications, uninstalling applications and scheduling the system optimization scans.
Disk Cleaner & Optimizers
In this tab there’s a  feature that tells you the files and folders that are consuming the most hard drive space. With this feature, you can identify large files and delete them to free up space on your hard drive. Before deleting though, i recommend you should confirm whether the file is necessary for the funtionlaity of your system.
Driver Updater
One of the main cause of system’s instability is out dated drivers. Device drivers help your hardware communicate with your software. If your hardware has out-of-date drivers, they won’t communicate with your software like they once did. The driver updater goes directly to the manufacturer’s website for each
new driver update for your devices.

Advane System Optimizer is one of the best solutions for Pc sluggishness and is an award winning Pc optimizer providing handful of options for the betterment of your Pc.

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