How to Fix AMD Drivers Problem on Windows 10

How to fix Graphic Driver issue

Are you having trouble with your display or AMD drivers on Windows? So was I.

I recently installed Windows 10 and downloaded the drivers from the official AMD Driver site.

Thinking that this would go smoothly(because of my trust on the official driver for my graphics card by AMD itself) and then I’ll be able to enjoy games and increase the performance of my Windows.

I was wrong! As I installed the driver, my screen turned black and only the cursor was visible. I got worried. So this is what I did to fix my AMD drivers problem.

Fix for Black Screen due to AMD drivers

If you’ve already installed a driver and now you are seeing an endless black screen, sometimes with a cursor on it, then follow this guide to get rid of it.

Go to Safe Mode by following this guide, but you’ll need a separate working computer to do this.

Hit the start button and type “Device Manager”.
Now click on Display adapters.
Right-click on any graphics driver inside Display adapters, and uninstall it.
Restart your computer and boot normally.
Hopefully, this will fix your black screen.

Fix for Graphics Drivers Problems on Windows 10

The fix is quite simple, you just have to update your graphics driver through Windows Update. Here is how to do it

Hit the start button.
Type “update” and click on “check for updates”.

Windows Update Option


Now simply Update.

Windows Update


After that Windows will do the rest.

Finally some use of the Automatic windows updates I witnessed.

If you are having any problem, please leave your comment below. I’ll do my best to solve it.

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