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Wishing to get your Android apps running on your pc? Well, then you are in the right place and you might not know, but it’s very, very simple.

Bluestacks (Android on pc)

There are times when you wish to experience android apps on a bigger screen, or just wish it for anything. Well, Bluestacks is a remarkable software that allows you to fulfil your wish without installing the complete Android Software Development Kit. Bluestacks is basically a virtual machine that makes it possible to run Android on Windows. It also has with it the play store. So, running your Android app has now become a child’s play.

It’s smooth like a washed soap on the latest machines. Which, is not exactly how it was in the start. In the early days, a couple of years back, the roads were bumpy and irritated in one thing or the other. Not anymore though and it’s become quite usable now, and all the previous bumps have gone smooth.

Keep in mind though that you can only run Android 4.2.2 Kitkat(You’ll need Android SDK if you want any other version of Android) and you can use the multi-touch feature only if you are running Bluestacks on a multi-touch screen.

Install Bluestacks

Simply head over to the download page and choose your system’s preferred version to download, then download it. We are using Windows PC, but if you’re on a Mac, the steps don’t change.

After the downloading gets completed, execute it. Complete the process of installation while making sure that you select the two checkboxes that will give bluestacks access to the App store and Application Communications.

Then, Sign in with your Google account. Having a bluestacks account will allow you to chat with your friends in-between gaming(same game) and everything will be synced no matter where you use bluestacks(laptop, pc, whatever)

After that, you’ll be shown the Bluestacks interface and the emulation of Android device.

Now go through just as you would on the start of a new Android device, like, sign in etc.

After the sign in(bluestacks and google) you’ll get two emails from google saying you just signed in into firefox and Galaxy S5. Neither of the emails is anything to worry about.

And now you have an Android(emulated) device which is your PC. Have fun!


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