Keyboard and Mouse Recorder for Task Automation

The keyboard and mouse recorder can be used to automate your tasks so you don’t have to do the work that can easily be done, automatically.

Like, gathering large information By copying from somewhere and pasting in a text file automatically, for you.

Like automating web scrapping with an extension on chrome.

But, you need to be clever and also predictive.

The possibility of automation of your daily work is high. But, you need to be clever when aligning windows and understanding the time that is required to wait after or before a click or tap to complete the task successfully.

How to Use a Keyboard and Mouse Recorder to Automate your Tasks

Download the Macro Recorder. Plan out the steps, align the windows. Press record and record your ’mouse’s’ actions and keyboard’s taps And then play to repeat them.

Check out this 3-minute video from JitBit that summarises few of the possibilities of this amazing automation software.

Even I haven’t used most of the functions yet:

It’s up to you as for how productively you use this software. It can make your life quite easy. Fits the saying: “Work smarter, not harder”.

If you have any opinion or advice or any issue, you can comment below.

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