How to install Windows on new hard drive with usb

How to Install Windows 10 on a New Hard Drive with USB

It doesn’t matter if your hard drive is new or old. The process to install Windows 10 on your hard drive is the same.

How to Install Windows 10 on a New Drive with USB.

To install windows with a USB, you will need a Windows setup file in a .iso format.

So let’s begin.

Download Rufus from here. You can download the portable version which doesn’t require installation or the setup.

Insert your USB in your computer and open Rufus.

Now, after the Device, under Boot selection, click on SELECT and choose your Windows setup file which is in a .iso format.

Leave the rest of the options.

At the bottom click on START.¬†The process will start. The time it takes depends on how fast your PC is(It wouldn’t take much longer).

When the green bar is filled, you are ready to install windows with a USB.

Conclusion: Rufus is a fast and quite handy software and is always my preference for making Bootable or even Live USB.

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