How To View .eps Files

Eps(Encapsulated Post Script) files are one of those image files which require external software rather than the default photo viewer in Windows to get opened and thankfully there are many software available out there for Windows. Here are two of those software.

EPS Viewer

It does what its name suggests and Eps viewer is your best option if you want to do just that.  

Once it’s installed. Open the Eps file, if it doesn’t open automatically then right click on the file, choose “open with” and choose “another app”. Below other options, click Eps viewer and check “Always use this app to open .eps files”.

Besides being a viewer, it can also perform some tasks, like, rotate left or right, resize and you can also save your file in a different format like, Bitmap, JPEG, TIFF and even GIFF.

It will get the job done fine.


With Irfanview you can view more types of image files and it’s a nice software to have on your pc, in case you encounter an image file with an irregular extension.

As you install it, you can open majority of these image files, but for EPS files a few more things are required before you can view them.

The first thing is IrfanView’s plugin. It is an easy to install file which can be downloaded from its own website.
The second thing is Ghostscript, which is an easy to install file too. It is an open source postscript interpreter. Simply head towards the download page of Ghostscript, here, choose “Postscript and PDF interpreter/renderer” then while installing choose whether you want the 32 bit version or the 64 bit.

Now you are all set to view EPS files.
Irfanview can do the basic stuff like, rotate, resize, open, save and zoom, just like EPS viewer.
While also packing a whole lot features. Going in the Edit menu you’ll see we can crop, insert text, crop and do some other stuff.
Going through menus you’ll see that with Irfanview you can do alot more stuff other than simply view EPS files.

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