How to set Restart, Hibernate or Shutdown Timer

It is not difficult to set a shutdown timer, and it can be quite handy when you don’t want to waste energy.

You can easily set a restart, hibernation or Shutdown timer on Windows with Task Scheduler

First, you have to create a “.bat” file.

So hit the start button. type “Notepad” and open it.

Now, depending on what you have to do. copy one of the codes below, and paste it inside “Notepad”:

For shutdown:

c:windowssystem32shutdown -s -f -t 00

For restart: 

c:windowssystem32shutdown -r -t 00

For hibernation: 

c:windowssystem32shutdown /h

After copying and pasting the code, save the Notepad file with a “.bat” extension. For example, “Anything.bat”

Now, open the start menu and type: “Task Scheduler”, then open the first app in the search result.

In the app, Click on “Create basic task”

Type whatever you want to name it and add a description if you want, then click Next.

Now select One time and click Next.

Set when you want to activate Sleep, hibernate or shutdown. Set the Date and Time of it. “Next.”

Now, select “Start a program”. Next

Now, Browse the .bat file that you saved.

Click “Next”

Click “Finish”

Now, it’s preferred to Restart Computer for fine tuning schedule timer. Voila!

If you have any problem comment down below.

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