How to reset windows 10 Password

Forgotten Password on Windows 10? Here is how to Reset the password

Forgetting a password is a natural phenomenon which is why it is suggested to keep your password easy for you to remember but not easy enough for others to guess.

If you are bound to keep a difficult password you could note down your password or you can use an app(which might be my next article)to remember it for you.

If you haven’t noted your password then don’t worry. There are ways to solve your forgotten password issue in windows 10.

If you want to reset your password and your settings and programs also, Follow Method # 1


If you want to reset your password without losing any of your data or settings for free, follow Method # 2

Method 1: Reset your Windows

This method will remove all your data, settings and programs.

On the lock screen click on power button at the bottom right of the lock screen and then hold the Shift key and click on Restart.

Let the system restart and then on the blue screen: select Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Remove everything.

Your computer will restart and reset everything. You won’t be asked for a password.

Method 2: Remove Windows 10 password without losing your files, data or settings for Free with a soft

This method will will only reset password and nothing else.

Now there are two ways to of doing this:

#1: By Creating a Live Usb

#2: Using Rufus

For these methods, you will need a USB and a working computer.

Download the Lazesoft Recover Site Home free..

After installing the software, plug-in your USB and open the recovery software.

For #1: Creating a Live USB

Click the first option in green which is: Burn CD USB DISK

Next, click the Windows version of your target computer.

Click on cd/dvd or USB Flash and click Start

After the process is complete, click Finish.

Now insert this cd/dvd or USB in your target computer.

Make sure your first boot device is set to USB or cd/dvd(if you have burned a cd/dvd), which you can set in the bios options. (To access the bios options tap the F 10 key or any function key that takes you to the bios menu.)

Comment below if you have any problems.

Restart your computer and you will see 2 options, skip the second one and select the first one.

You’ll boot to Lazesoft recovery software.

Click recover password box and select your target account and keep proceeding by clicking Next. This process will reset your password.

Reboot your computer and that’s it. The password has successfully been reset and removed.

For #2: Using Rufus Software

Personally this method worked for me.

Open the Lazesoft recovery software click the first option. Now click on the third option and specify the folder where you want to save your iso file.

Now, Download Rufus.

And Plugin your USB.

Open Rufus and click on Select and select the iso file which you created with Lazesoft recovery software few seconds ago.

Below, select MBR in the drop-down menu and click Start at the bottom.

After the USB is ready, restart your computer and make sure that USB is set as your first boot device.

Now, you should boot to Lazesoft recovery software.

Next, click recover password and select your target account and keep proceeding next.

Reboot your computer and that’s it. Hopefully, your password has been successfully reset and removed.

If you are having any problems feel free to comment below.

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