How to rename multiple files at once inside Windows

How to rename multiple files all at once.

Renaming files is easy enough but what if you want to rename more than one file without going to each one and do that individually ? In Windows it’s quite easy to do as well and there are multiple ways of doing it. You can see one of it below

Rename files within Windows explorer

Before we rename multiple files lets go through basics first,

If you are renaming your files using a a mouse, there are three ways to do it:

1. Right click on your file and click on rename.
2. Click on your file and then open file menu and then ‘Rename’.(In Windows 10 click it on the Home menu).
3. Click on your file, then on its name.

Or if you want to rename using a keyboard, just type in the starting letters of it(or you can use arrows) and after your file gets selected, press “F2”.

After your have done renaming, click anywhere(or just press Enter) to save your new file name.

Now if you want to rename the next file you can also just press Tab and it will select the next file name for you to change its name and if you keep pressing Tab it will keep selecting the next file name.

If you want to rename multiple files in the folder at once which will be slightly different from one another, simply select each file by pressing Ctrl and selecting each file or by selecting using the Shift button and then using any of the rename command–the Rename option in the File menu, the option in the context menu, or by pressing F2. Now all the files will be selected but only the first one’s name will be in edit mode.

Rename Files in Windows

Type a name and press Enter(or click anywhere else on the screen). Everyone of the selected file will be renamed with what you just typed with an addition of a number in parenthesis just to make them slightly different from one another.

Rename Files in Windows

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