How to Delete Remnants of Uninstalled Softwares

Delete Remnants
  1. The program you install also plants Registry entries, app data and some program files which are essential for the proper functionality of the software.

It’s fine for as long as you don’t want to uninstall the program. After uninstalling the program its leftovers are meaningless and are just taking your hard-drive space which you can free.

How to Completely Remove/Uninstall Your Program

Step 1: Uninstall the program.

Open up the uninstall program window and select the program you want to remove and simply uninstall.

Step 2: Delete Program’s Leftovers.

After the program is uninstalled. Open up My PC and search for each term below one by one:



(If you can’t find these folders then click the view tab in the top bar of the window and tick the view hidden files checkbox)

Now open up these folders and see if there’s any folder with the same name as the name of the program you just uninstalled. If there is, then permanently remove that folder by holding the shift key and then pressing the delete key.

Step 3: Delete its Registry keys.

Press Windows key + r to open the run box. Type in regedit then in the window press ctrl + f then type in the name of the program that you just uninstalled and if the name shows up, delete that key.

IMPORTANT: Be very alert when dealing with registry keys, as a single wrong move could create problems in your computer.

Step 4: Clean temporary folder

There are unnecessary files in this folder which can be easily removed by going to the start menu and typing these commands, one by one:



In these folders press Ctrl + a to select all files, and hit the delete button. If some files show error while deleting, leave them as they could be running in the background services.

Conclusion: Removing unnecessary remnants of programs you don’t want is a good practice, as, it also frees up some Hard-disk space for you.

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