How to go to Safe Mode on Windows 10

How to Prepare for Safe Mode while Your Windows 10 is fine

Safe Mode can be your last minute escape when something goes wrong. Safe Mode enables few options and is great for finding out what caused your system to go bad. Accessing Safe Mode in the previous Windows’ versions was as simple as pressing “F2” repeatedly while booting.

Not in the latest version of Windows though. As, boot times have significantly decreased, and because of that, there is no time to access Boot options.

Though there are several other ways to enter safe mode, many of them require Windows in a normal state.

So it is best to prepare a USB Recovery drive pre-hand for Safe Mode. So you can access Safe Mode when your Pc goes bad.

How to Create USB Recovery Drive for Safe Mode

Please Note, that 32-bit edition of Recovery Drive will only fix 32-bit version of Windows and, is of no use for the 64-bit version of Windows and vice versa.
Second Note: For 32-bit Windows, you will need a minimum of 4gb USB drive and for 64-bit Windows, you will need a minimum of 8gb USB drive.

Hit the Start button or Windows key + S and type “recovery”.
Click on “Recovery Drive”.

Recovery drive from start search

The Recovery Drive window will now open. Showing information of what it can do.

Below you’ll also see “Backup system files to recovery drive”. If you check it, then you can also install Windows with this USB drive like a bootable Windows USB drive does.

Windows Recovery Drive

Follow the process and select your desired options.

Note: Make sure you have copied your important data from your Recovery USB drive. Because When you get to the “Create the recovery drive” with the “Create” option to select. After selecting it, all your data will be erased and recovery tools will be put in it. Now, depending on the performance of your USB drive, the process can take from 2 to 10 minutes, or more, if you have chosen to Backup too.

Select the recovey USB driveAt completion screen, click “Finish”. Voila!

Recovery Drive Success Screen

Now if you face any Windows problem, you can rely on this USB you just created to show you options like Safe Mode, which are a big help for fixing most of Windows 10 drivers’ issues.

In the next post, I’ll write how to enter Safe Mode with USB Recovery Drive.


This is just one of the method you can use to get access to Safe Mode. Other methods like using Windows DVD or USB to go to Safe Mode are also available. I may cover them in another post.

If you have any opinions for me or any questions, you can simply comment down below.

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