How to Make Bootable USB Simply, on ANY Window

There was a time when CDs and DVDs were the only things that were Bootable and were your only rescue when your operating system didn’t seem to work.

Old days. But now there are USBs, that can easily be made bootable and are a much better option as compared to the Old CDs and DVDs. in CD cases.

Here is how to:

Make a Bootable USB

Before we jump into the software, which is, Rufus. Make sure that you have an iso image file if you want to boot an image file. For example “Windows10.iso”.

If you don’t have your image file in the .iso format you can download PowerISO and Convert your file into a .iso format.


Rufus is the best software to make a Bootable USB, because it is much faster than other software I have used like, UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer etc..

First thing is first. Download Rufus and open it.

Install windows with bootable USB with RUFUS

Now, in the Device menu select your prefered USB drive. If it is blank then either you haven’t connected the USB drive to your pc or your USB isn’t working.

Then in the Boot selection menu, select what you want to boot. Whether Disk or Iso image/file like “Windows7.iso” Or a FreeDos file and then press SELECT to select your file.

Leave other options as changing them might create problems while booting, and click START.

After the loading completes, you have successfully made your USB device bootable.

If you are having any sort of problem, you can comment below and I’ll do my best to help you.

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