How To Make a Live Ubuntu USB With Persistent Storage

Ubuntu Bootable Persistence USB Key Drive
A casual live Linux USB drive holds your data, settings and other stuff until you boot it. To create a drive that retains all your settings, apps etc, even after you boot it, you’ll need to create a live USB with persistent storage.

What’s needed:

A spacious USB is required to make use of the persistent option. Ubuntu needs 2gb for itself, alone. So with a 4gb USB, you’ll get 2gb of persistent storage.
Although Ubuntu recommends Rufus to make your USB bootable but with Rufus, there is no persistent storage option with it. So you’ll need another software, such as Linux live USB creator. And the Ubuntu ISO file.

How To Make Persistence USB Drive:

Put your USB inside the port and open the ‘Lili USB creator’ app that you just downloaded.
In “Step 1: choose your key”: Select your USB key.
Linux Live USB creator
In “Step 2: Choose your source”: Click “ISO / IMG / ZIP” And direct it towards the Ubuntu ISO file. 
In step 2 Choose your Ubuntu ISO file
In “Step 3: persistence”: Control the slider and choose how much persistent storage you need, slide it all the way to the right for maximum storage, and that’s all for the configuration part.
 In “Step 5: Create”: just click the lightning icon to produce the USB drive with persistent storage.

The app will take some time to inform you when your USB key has become a persistent drive.

To make sure your USB has become a persistent drive, boot the USB key and create a folder on the desktop. Then, shut down your computer and reboot your live USB key again there you must be witnessing your folder on your desktop.

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