How To Get Rid of User Accounts in Windows 7, 8 and 10

Remove user account on Windows 

If you have user accounts on Windows that are of no need anymore, then it’s time for them to be deleted.

Do note, that if your user account is hidden then it won’t be deleted unless you re show it and you need to be active as an administrator too before you can delete a user account.

Before proceeding to delete a user account, make sure you backup user’s data which you can easily do by copying or cutting the folder under C:Users to anywhere else or an external drive.

Remove User Accounts In Windows 10 and 8

The process of removing user account is simple. Click, “Settings” in the Start Menu.

In the Settings screen click, “Account”.

On the Account screen click, “Family and others” on the left side.

Then on the right side scroll down to other people section and choose the account you wish to delete and click, “Remove”.

Then you’ll be prompted whether you want to backup your files. You should’ve backed up your files and settings, if you have. Then click “Delete account and data” and this will remove the user and all its data.

Removing Account In Windows 7

First make sure you have administrative privileges. Then go to start menu and in the search bar type “user account”,  then on the list that appears click the first item.

Then in the opening window, click, “Manage another account”.

Then on the next window, click on the account that you wish to delete. And on the next window click” Delete the account”

After this you’ll be asked to delete or keep your files but i’d prefer the manual way to backup your files as automated method doesn’t save all your files.

On the opening window click on “Delete account”.

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