How to get rid of Microsoft edge’s suggestions

Taskbar and action center advertisements in Microsoft edge are an irritation just like other advertisements in Microsoft Windows 10. To disable edge advertisements read on;
The pop ups of Microsoft edge are basically Microsoft operating system’s adds. Turning them off is fairly easy.

Click the start menu and then click on settings

Now go to System > Notifications & Actions.

Go down a little and you’ll see the Notifications section. Under it, disable, “Get tips, tricks & suggestions as you use Windows” option.

And that is all you need to do to stop getting constantly nagged by Windows.

Disable Website Notifications In Microsoft’s edge

Website’s promotion seen in edge won’t be seen in other browsers because the website would have been granted the permission to show notifications through edge browser. This feature was added in Microsoft’s Anniversary update.

You can change this, go to edge’s menu then go to settings then to advanced settings. Then under the Notifications tab, click “manage” to see and manage the websites who can show you notifications on edge.

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