How to restore windows 10 to previous date

Easy Fix for no Sound after Windows 10 Update (How to Use Recovery Option!)

Windows Update can be a blessing sometimes and a curse sometimes. I recently solved my Graphics Driver issue with Windows Update, which was very unexpected and after that, I started to like Updates since it solved such a big problem as the graphics card driver problem.

But after the last Windows Update, my Sound driver started to malfunction. After worrying and everything. I stumbled upon reverting Windows to the previous state(state before the Windows Update). and was I glad to do that? My sound came back.

Basically, Windows saves the files of previous windows state so that after update to the latest build you could go back to it if you face any issues due to the update of the latest build. But, there is one more thing, Windows keeps those files needed to uninstall the latest build just for 10 days. After 10 days, the files will be deleted and you’ll be needing to do a re-installation of Windows, completely.

So, here is how to solve Sound Issues caused due to Windows’ latest build

Hit the Start Button, and type, “recovery”, then under settings click on “Recovery options”

Microsoft Recovery Options

Then on the “UPDATE AND SECURITY” screen, tap on the “Get Started” button under “Go Back to an earlier build” section.

Get back to previous version of windows 10

If you don’t see the “Go back to an earlier build section” then it may have been more than 10 days since your Windows updated to a new build. Or you may have used the Disk Clean-up tool for deleting “Temporary Windows installation files”. In that case, you’ll be needing to re-install Windows or Restore Windows with a full system backup or you just have to Reset your Windows.

If you have any opinion/advice. Or if you have any question please comment below.

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