Windows 8 Useful Shortcuts

Using mouse for doing everything is too mainstream.Use a keyboard isntead and you can get things done quick! Here are some shortcuts that will definitely help you.

Inside explorer windows:

ALT + A : Open Easy access
ALT + CO : Copy selected items
ALT + CP : Copy Path of the selected item
ALT + CF : Copy to folder, using the drop-down menu
ALT + D : Delete selected items
ALT + E : Edit selected item
ALT + H : Show History of the document revisions
ALT + M : Move files to location using the drop-down menu
ALT + N : Create New Folder
ALT + PS : Paste Shortcut in the location
ALT + PR : Open Properties box
ALT + PE : Open new document, choose from drop-down menu
ALT + SA : Select All items
ALT + SN : Select None
ALT + SI : Invert Selection
ALT + R : Rename selected items
ALT + T : Cut selected items.
ALT + V : Paste copied items
ALT + W : Create New Item

Outside Explorer:

Win+C : Opens Charms Bar

Win+D : Show Desktop
Win+E : Opens Windows Explorer
Win+F : Opens File Search App
Win+H : Opens Share charm
Win+I : Opens Settings charm
Win+K : Opens Connect charm
Win+L : Lock computer
Win+O : Locks device orientation
Win+Q : Opens Search pane
Win+R : Opens Run
Win+V : Cycles through toasts
Win+Shift+V : Cycles through toasts in reverse order
Win+W : Opens Settings Search app
Win+Y : Temporarily peek at the desktop
Win+Z : Opens App Bar
Win+Tab : Cycles through Metro Applications
Win+Ctrl+Tab : Cycles through Metro Applications in Snap
Win+Shift+Ctrl+Tab : Cycles through Metro Applications in Snap (Backwards)
Win+. : Moves the Snap view to the right
Win+Shift+. : Moves the Snap view to the left
Win+Spacebar : Switch input language and keyboard layout
Win+Enter : Launches Narrator
Home : Jumps to the first Tile
End : Jumps to the last Tile
PgUp : Moves Startscreen to the left
PgDown : Moves Startscreen to the right
Ctrl+Scrollwheel : Semantic Zoom
These are just a few shortcuts that’ll  help you through the day. Ofcourse there are alot more. I’ll post them when i’ll feel the need. Till then *Enter* *Alt+F4*

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