How to Recover Deleted Data in Windows

If you have accidentally deleted your data, even from recycle bin, there are ways that could help you get them back.

How to restore data from recycle bin?

Nearly anyone would go to recycle bin to search for deleted data but if you don’t know how to restore data from recycle bin.

Simply, head over to recycle bin and see if your important file is there. If you see your file then simply right click on it and click restore. You can press ctrl+A to select all the files and click on restore to restore all the files inside recycle bin. Another way to restore all your recycle bin files is by right-clicking the Recycle bin icon and clicking Restore data.

How to Recover data that is not in Recycle bin

There are several paid and free programs for recovering deleted data. A free and popular fan favorite program is, Recuva.

Download Recuva on your PC. Make sure to not just proceed with the installation, without reading, as it could install annoying web search engines or other bloatware. So be sure to read before selecting checkboxes and clicking next.

Now open the software and you’ll see the wizard window, click next.

Now select the type of files you want to recover. Click on *other* if you have multiple types of files to recover.

Next, specify the location where you think the file got deleted from.

Now, click start. The deep scan option takes more time to scan so if you don’t get your file with a normal scan you can check the /Enable deep scan/ check-box.

After the scan is complete Recuva will show your deleted files. Select the small checkbox below your files that you want to restore and click Recover.

Now select the location where you want your recovered files to be saved.

Important: As the deleted file gets older it becomes more difficult to restore.

Conclusion: Recuva is a great little and a Free software that could come to your rescue in some really bad situations. Download *Recuva*.

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