iPhone unlocked by FBI

FBI Has Unlocked One iPhone Used By Mass Shooter In Florida, Again…

Reported by CNN; FBI has unlocked one of the two iPhones owned by Mohammad Saeed Aishamrani. In December 2019, a mass shoot down took place at Naval Air Station, Florida. The…

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ipad mac osx scaled

2020 iPad Pro is So Powerful, It can run macOS x Leopard!!

Apple fans have been longing for a desktop-class operating system on their tablets. Apple got close by introducing SideCar in macOS Catalina that mirrors your desktop to the iPad you…

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Apple Austin Campus 112019

Apple Austin Campus costs $1 Billion. Expect Increased Jobs in the US

Apple is currently in process to construct a $1 Billion Campus in Austin, Texas, expanded to 133-acre of land. It shall be ready until 2022. The construction of our new…

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3d touch iphone zoom

Long press(Haptic Touch) takes over 3D Touch starting from iOS 13

Starting from iOS 13 Apple developers have taken back 3D Touch, also known as Force Touch, and instead, put its functionalities to the old school; long-press gesture, but, with haptic…

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WhatsApp for Android now supports fingerprint lock heres how to setup

Swiftly Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint(or Face) on iOS and Android

If you have private chats and valuable information that you don’t want to expose to anyone. You may want to take precautionary steps before you end up getting your phone…

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apple lock

iPhone’s privacy ad is blissful as usual.

Apple clearly knows how important privacy is. In the latest ad on its Youtube channel, Apple states privacy is simple, with iPhone. The ad shows a beautiful view of the…

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