Twitter: Adds group direct messages and native video sharing

Twitter, adds direct messages and native video sharing,

Twitter on Tuesday has announced two major features coming out. The first one is group direct messages and second one is native video sharing and editing.

The option that lets you send messages privately wasn’t an option that was included in twitter for many years. Not for much long though, now twitter allows to launch a conversation with multiple followers at once, even if the followers don’t follow each other.
Messaging apps like Whats app and line in most likely gave motivation to twitter that they felt the need of private group chats.
“When you think about the best international opportunity, there’s a real opportunity for us when we think about our private messaging to strengthen the core of our Twitter product by making it easier for users to move more fluidly between the public conversation that happens everywhere on Twitter and the private conversation between you and a friend or you and a few friends,” Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO, said on an earnings call last April.
Twitter came up with the thought of adding a native video feature during an analyst event in November. According to twitter, it will function by pressing the camera button and it’ll allow its users to capture, share and edit videos upto 30-seconds in length, similar to how you would take photos with it.
Unlike Vine which records 6 second looped videos these clips are significantly longer than it. Twitter stressed that this new video tool must not be viewed as Vine’s traction between users.
“We believe that during any sort of local event, national event, global event, the opportunity for people, participants, to be live tweeting those things and broadcasting them to the world is a massive opportunity,” Costolo said at the analyst event. “That’s one of the reasons we are so excited about consumer video.”
Its arriving on the time when twitter’s competitors like Facebook, are implementing native videos on site. Video advertising market is being flooded by Social sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Flipboard and others.

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