The 25 Best Tumblr Accounts for Book Readers

Tumblr has become a centre of a big creative people’s gathering. Graphic Artists, musicians and humoristic GIFs keeps sharing on tumblr. And its also a place for countless book readers, writers and lovers.

There are many blogs available for book lovers.

Real Authors

Being connected with people you admire is the primary goal of social media and you can find many intriguing authors on Tumblr.

 Following are the accounts run by authors,

Publishing Houses

While there are several individual authors or writers who have taken advantage to share their thoughts through tumblr, the publishing sector has  While many individual authors have taken advantage of Tumblr as a medium to convey their thoughts, the publishing sector has made up itself as a great resource on the platform. Many well-known prints offer readers insights about the book industry.

Independent bookstores

Independent bookstores are a great resource for readers. But if you don’t have an indie outpost in your hometown, you can still find more less known new authors and titles, and as well as plenty of internet humour. By following the accounts of some famed U.S. stores.

Reading Recommendations

Tumblr is great in recommending what your next tittle to read could be. Out of Ideas from the publishers or bookstores. fortunately there are accounts who focus on recommending books. Whether you’re in search for the popular titles or the indie authors, following these accounts will recommend you with many books in “so many books, so little time.”  

Book Art

Old Book

A little humour a little art makes up for a a good Tumblr feed, so here are some helpful random book related blogs.

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