Real time tweets in Google Search results will appear soon

Real time tweets in Google search results
Twitter and Google have struck a an important partnership on the eve of its latest financial results. According to Bloomberg’s report Google and Twitter have decided to view real time tweets from Twitter into Google’s search results sometime in the first half of the year.
Upon asking if reports are correct twitter declined to comment.
By having a partnership with Google will have access to Twitter’s data ‘fire hose’ again, which is already being enjoyed by Yahoo and Bing. Back in 2009 Twitter and Google had a similar agreemnt , but it failed to be renewed in 2011 leaving google to crawl twitter services in order to index tweet which is a lengthy process. What this deal would do is, that, it will make tweets visible inside Google’s search results as soon as they are tweeted out.
This can be significant for several reasons. Sources at Bloomberg shows no sign of advertising revenue deal here but according to reports Google will pay “data licensing” revenue. A revenue site, that Twitter grew from $16 million to $41 million in the previous year, and having Google on board- there’s more to expect, that will come.
More over twitter is planning to widen its scope of advertising so that the tweets that are promoted will appear in third party apps and sites. Having a start with Flipboard and Yahoo Japan. Twitter is eager to monetize visitors to its service who are unregistered users. The appearing of tweets in google search results could boost business.
While its great for twitter, it may have 
The deal may be positive for Twitter, but it could have implications for Google+.
One feature that was quite fine about Google+ was that updates appeared in Google serach results prominently, which drive new traffic websites and hence more business for companies. The idea of real time twitter updates in google search results is clearly showing that Google is putting a step back for Google+.

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