Official Twitter plugin for WordPress comes out.

Official Twitter plugin for WordPress.

If you search for it you can find hundreds of Twitter related plugins which are built for WordPress. You can try here

But still since 9 years from its launch, no official Twitter plugin was released until now.

I believe Twitter and WordPress don’t need an explanation so i’ll skip it.

What Twitter’s new WordPress plugin does ?

It adds a single click sharing button allowing visitors to tweet your stuff.
Allows a little more ease in embedding tweets and adds customization options to favor your website’s appearance. You’ll be able to change link color, border color, and choose whether to display “light” or “dark” look.
It will automatically create Twitter Cards as you share stuff to Twitter.
You can add a Twitter follow button in your layout.
It’ll also track ad conversions if you have twitter Ad campaign added on your WordPress blog.
There is a great chance that you are already happy with your third party Twitter plug-in or custom built Twitter solutions as this new plugin wouldn’t bag new tricks for you chances are your current plugin might just do more.

One option still creating hole is that it doesn’t house any ability to embed your Twitter feed, not even the last few tweets inside your WordPress theme. It does allow individual tweets but no feed embed which is an option in several third party Twitter plug-ins.

Check out the official plugin here

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