How to Change Two column view into Single Column in Facebook Timeline

Timeline is indeed the biggest change that has happened to Facebook as said by Mark ZukerBerg(not sure if its spelled right:) Anyways, timeline has been along for while, some people seem to enjoy it by utilising it in some way while others are still annoyed of its interface or whatever concerns them. Out of those annoyances is the ‘two column’ view. Which basically shows more of your ‘facebooking’ (activities, polls etc,) in a aligned manner. People with small monitors seem to be troubled with it.

Now you have three options,1. remove it,2. give option 1 a try or 3. deal with it(not forcefully but because you like it:). For Those of you who chose Option 1 and 2 may stay others may choose there respective interests on this blog. (Damn! Why ain’t I the principal of hogwarts!)
Coming to the topic…

Accessing Facebook Timeline in Single column

Social fixer supports major browsers, as an addon for firefox, extension for chrome and it works on safari too. (Internet explorer doesn’t come in the major browser…) In addition to removing the two column partioning it has a a lot more customization options for timeline.
How to Access Facebook Timeline in Single Column

  • Now, login to your Facebook account
  • Click on the Next button on every window.(settings can be changed later).
  • You’ll notice a wrench icon on the left side of your profile picture, click on that icon and select Social Fixer Options.
  • Go to Timeline tab and check the option Display Posts in Single Column box.
  • After this Save settings and Refresh your page to see the changes.
Some Useful Features of Social Fixer:
  • Tabbed News Feed
  • Advance Feed Filters
  • Hide posts you have already read
  • Themes (aka skins)
  • Automatically removes Recent Activity from your profile
  • Enlarge thumbnails on hover
  • Highlight new comments
  • Quick links to your pages and events
  • Friend tracker- Notifications of Un-friend
  • Automatically retrieve older posts
  • And more..

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