Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook timeline has been around for quiet some time. It didn’t have a good impression at first and we had that “i want my old facebook back” and “timeline sucks my blood” around for a while but things have started to change, people have now learned to settle with this and its stunning how people use their creativity. Here are some that caught my eye.

Andrew Grojean

Still like your old facebook ? Andrew knows how

Christine Halss

Guiseppe Draiccho

Loved this one!

Ivan Marino

Get your head  off me!

Hugh Briss

This is what i call Self advertising in style.

Maggie Lin

G+ and Facebook together. Maggie Lin does it

Maurizio Mazanti

Looks like we have a Star Wars fan here.

Mohammad Al Hazzam

Steve jobs did this to him.

Yale Zhao

The view is perfect from up here.

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