How to get Free Extra Cloud Space on iPhone

How to backup iphone photos to Google photos

5 GB. Seriously… the iCloud backup space provided by Apple for free is ridiculous. Apple iPhone takes high-quality photos which also brings with it, a bigger file size. But not to worry as there is an app that could help you get a lot more space on the cloud without any cost.

Google Photos

Yes, you can install Google Photos on iPhone and backup your photos very easily in it.

It’s is definitely the best alternative to iCloud to backup photos and videos on your iPhone, from free unlimited storage to an intelligent assistant which can create Movies, animations and collages.

How to Backup iPhone photos in Google Photos

First, install Google photos from the Appstore. Then open it. Press ok to give Google access to your photos then click allow on the next screens

Make sure the Backup & sync is switched on and it will be by default. and will show a screen to turn on if you click on the button.

Then choose from High or Original quality.

High Quality:

You get free Unlimited cloud storage for your Photos and Videos in High quality but with a reduced file size. The photo above 16 MP will be compressed to 16 MP or a video higher than 1080p will be compressed to 1080p.

Original quality:

If you want the original quality, as taken by your iPhone, then you’ve got 15 GB storage space. It is recommended for photos that have more than 16MP and videos with more than 1080p.

Then toggle to allow backup on data connection if no Wi-fi is available.

Then click Confirm and you are done!

Note: For a quicker backup of your iPhone photos and videos keep Google Photos open when possible.



Google Photos is provided by Google, so you know your photos and videos will be backed up in a safe place, and not some unpopular or anonymous online space and giving a free and massive storage space for your memories, who wouldn’t use the amazing app Google photos.

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