How to Download Music on iPhone for Free

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You have to be creative to accomplish simple tasks on iPhone such as downloading music for Free.

But the iPhones are so good, we can take the long turn just for it. 

In chrome or safari, if you click to download some music or video, it just plays online and doesn’t download. So you need a browser that doesn’t do that and actually downloads your media file, music or video. So here is Aloha browser.

How to Download Music on iPhone for Free

Download and install Aloha browser for iOS. 

Open Aloha Browser and play something on YouTube and then copy the link of that video. 

Now google Online video converter. And open the first website. 


Paste the copied link here, 

Now choose the format you’d like. For audio, mp3 is good.

Then click Start. Now the video will start processing. 

After the process. Click the Download button. 

Then click any of the three options.

Click on the download icon, in the bottom bar, to see your file before and after the download. 

After the download is completed, tap on the file to play it. 

If you have any question. Feel free to comment below. 

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