Apple Watch detects Covid-19

Studies find; Apple Watch can detect Covid-19 before you have it

A new study finds that fitness trackers like the Apple Watch can detect if its user has symptoms of covid-19 before it’s even there. All thanks to the heart variability…

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Apple Fitness Fitness app

Apple Fitness+ the only Fitness App You Need

What is Apple Fitness+ ?  Apple Fitness+ is the latest subscription-based fitness app by Apple. Amid the pandemic when people can’t hit the gym, the service can help you stay…

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How to reset Apple ID password on mac iphone and ipad 2

iforgot my Apple ID password, how can I reset it on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

It’s happened alot, “iforgot” apple id password and had to reset it for Appstore, iTunes, and other things that need Apple ID to work. If it has happened with you…

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Apple Amazon remove Parler app

Popular Parler app Suspended from Appstore, Playstore, and Now Amazon hosting services

The free-speech social media service Parler was already having a nightmare when Apple and Google removed it from their app stores. When the next day, Amazon, the app’s hosting provider,…

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iPhone homescreen ideas for inspiration

Brilliant iPhone Home Screen Ideas for Inspiration

The internet is rumbling after a decade later when Apple finally allowed to mingle with iPhone home screens. With widgets, creative users have found ways to use the customization feature…

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