iPhone unlocked by FBI

FBI Has Unlocked One iPhone Used By Mass Shooter In Florida, Again…

Reported by CNN; FBI has unlocked one of the two iPhones owned by Mohammad Saeed Aishamrani. In December 2019, a mass shoot down took place at Naval Air Station, Florida. The…

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Powerful Habit to Detach from Work for Remote Workers.

Covid-19 has transformed everyone into a remote worker, including tech giants and small businesses. And it seems telecommuting is here to stay even after the epidemic, though it comes with…

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maxresdefault scaled

Apple AR Glasses to Unearth in Mid 2021, and you can get one in 2022

June Update: Jon Prosser is back with a video confirming the official name: Apple Glass, and a price tag of $499. In the video, Jon also answers questions of many…

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ipad mac osx scaled

2020 iPad Pro is So Powerful, It can run macOS x Leopard!!

Apple fans have been longing for a desktop-class operating system on their tablets. Apple got close by introducing SideCar in macOS Catalina that mirrors your desktop to the iPad you…

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Face ID problems scaled

iOS 13.5 Beta skips Face ID detecting a Face mask on

Seeing the disorder with Face ID and face mask which posed a problem for iPhone users to unlock their iPhones. Apple decided to make users wearing a mask to get…

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Apple Card AR concept Volodymyr Kurbatov 001 scaled

Concept shows Amazing use of AR with Apple Card

Apple is thrusting towards an AR-powered future with continuous AR feature upgrades in the recent past and upcoming software releases. Rumours of Apple working on AR glasses. And the LiDAR…

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faceidmask scaled

How to Unlock your iPhone With or Without Face ID With Mask

Face ID is Apple’s next-level security. If you rely on Apple’s Face ID on your iPhone, then chances are; it’s not working well for you in the Corona pandemic, i.e….

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iphone 12 pro concept dbs scaled

Most Anticipated iPhone 2020 Features as we get Closer to Official Launch

The internet is bursting with queries about the iPhone 2020 features and specs. Designers are working to show what Apple might bring to the stage based on rumours and leaks…

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thibault penin sanZj62Mf A unsplash scaled e1587149362364

Top 5 Apps to Avoid Distractions and Increase Productivity

Distraction may not look threatening at a glance, but it comes with a hefty price, which is paid in the form of declined productivity and a lack of focus. But,…

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rsz facebookapple scaled

Apple Shutdown Internal Apps, Causing Havoc at Facebook HQ

A new book by Steven-Levy is out, named “Facebook: the Inside story”. He writes how Apple brought havoc at the Facebook HQ when it revoked the enterprise certificate. The incident…

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