Tencent Gaming Buddy For Mac

Little Known Way To Get Tencent Gaming Buddy For Mac

I know you want to play PUBG on your Mac, but one of the best PUBG mobile emulator: Tencent Gaming Buddy, is not built for Mac systems yet. Not to…

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okkHow to delete whatsapp contacts but no from phone

How to Delete WhatsApp Contacts But Not from iPhone’s Phone Directory?

You know how to delete contacts from WhatsApp which requires you to delete contacts from phone’s directory. But what if you want to Delete WhatsApp contacts but not from Phone?…

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how to label bluetooth devices iphone ipad lead change bluetooth device name

How to Label Bluetooth Device Type, And Change Bluetooth Device Name on iPhone, iPad and Mac

You can easily change Bluetooth device name both on your Mac and iPhone, And starting from iOS 14.4, you can label your Bluetooth device type as-well. (macOS doesn’t allow labelling…

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macbook keyboard not working

MacBook Keyboard Not Working? This fix has worked for millions!

So recently my MacBook started having issues –nearly three years after. It happened when I was doing important work. So I started searching “MacBook keyboard not working” and other queries…

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AppleWatch health

Apple Watch saved kidnapped woman, says Police

And once again, Apple Watch comes to the rescue when a kidnapped woman contacted her girl through the watch; allowing the police to trace her location. The report comes from…

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