Say no to piracy and install ubuntu for free

How to Install Ubuntu on Pc For Free

I have installed Ubuntu on my system as it’s free, as compared to the other operating systems like Windows, which costs money or piracy to be used, and it hasn’t taken me much time to embrace it.

Though, Ubuntu is different from the other operating systems. You’ll find It really fun to use, as it is beautiful, and as you start using it as your primary OS.

It’s much better than piracy anyway, which makes it legal and safe, because its free.

So, how to install Ubuntu on pc: 

1.  Download the latest version of the Ubuntu iso file from its official site, to get the updated version of Ubuntu Linux. 

2.  Download Rufus,which I am sure you are quite aware of if you have made your USB a bootable drive before.

3.  Now install Rufus.

4.  Insert your USB Drive to the PC. 

5.  Open up Rufus 

6.  Press Select and choose your downloaded Ubuntu iso file. 

7.  In the Partition scheme, change the value in the dropdown menu to GPT

Must see:(If you encounter any issue while installing, then switch to MBR in the partition scheme, and try making the drive bootable again with that option)

8.  Now click the START button and wait for the drive to become bootable completely. 

9.  Restart your PC and enter the bios menu. (Commonly the F2 key takes one to the bios menu.)

10.  Now search for first boot device or boot order options, whatever that lets you make the USB device to boot first, and after that the other drives.) Select the USB to boot first.

11.  Save the settings (your bios will show the key to save, every PC has their style. Mine works by pressing the F10 key.) It’ll restart the computer.

12.  Now follow the graphical user interface to install Ubuntu on your system.

Good luck! 

If you are having any problems feel free to ask in the comments section below. 

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