Facebook Messenger App: Adds Voice calling to Facebook friends

One of the questions that arose after Facebook bought WhatsApp, was, that what would happen to company’s existing messaging app. Facebook updated their app with a major new feature that allows users to do Voice calling with their Facebook friends.Voice calling feature is available in other messaging apps such as Viber and WeChat. Users can make phone calls to their friends for free and just requires a wifi connection.

Now, when you view Facebook contacts in your Messenger, you’ll notice a phone icon next to their name. Simply Tap the icon to start a phone call. Though a wifi or data connection is needed to make or recieve calls.

Facebook Messenger Phone Calls

Facebook’s Messenger app was updated with a new feature that lets you call your friends for free over wifi

The design of the in-call screens in Fb Messenger are nearly identical to the in-call screen of iOS7 and the rumored screen in WhatsApp. Although the Android version of Fb Messenger has a slightly different view.
The latest version of “Fb Messenger” is available on iOS and Android only. The Windows Phone has not yet been updated with the feature.

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