Download Torrent When Your Access is Blocked

Torrent is a peer-to-peer succession sharing protocol used to download large data seeing the Internet. evident has been individual of the most appealing methods thanks to downloading latest movies, TV series, music and cracked software these days.
But for contrary reasons many admins block connections to torrent networks preventing the users from acquiring the torrents files..For those who are liable to torrent but cannot use it because of  restrictions there are services that’ll help you out.


1st off there is ZbigZ, a simple and intuitive site and pretty easy to use. It doesn’t require you to signup to use their service. It has full IDM support which will give extra boost to your download speeds.

1. Firstly, download or copy the download link of the torrent you want to download. You can try piratebay, or any other you prefer
2. Then paste the link of .torrent file you want to download or upload the torrent file if you had already downloaded the .torrent file and click on Go Free.

3. Here, the server takes some time to make your File ready for downloading. Wait until the Green Color download button in the right hand side of the page appears

4. Then Click on the Button to start your Download
5. A new window will appear which will ask another question. Click on “Free” so that you can download it for free


Bitlet, with its simple interface seems much easier than ZbigZ. But being a torrent client, it’s still possible that the traffic gets blocked by the admin.

There is a chance that it might work on your connection, it might not. It’s worth trying, though. It worked for me after trying for a number of times.

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