Best Chrome Security Extensions/Addons

Internet is not a Secure place to breath, you don’t know which second your healthy looking PC will get infected and become a headache. Best way is to beware. Google Chrome provides extensions that can help you with that

This extension cleans your hard disk, scan for malware, erase temporary files and removes trace of everything you did online for privacy.
ExtensionWeb of Trust
Web of Trust rates websites based on the experiences of others, so you can avoid sites that are known to be harmful and stick to those known to be legit.

Extension Ghostery

Ghostery takes the veil off the web, exposing tracking cookies, hidden page elements, and much more.
Hide My Ass! Web Proxy

Sometimes you may want to bypass site restrictions or browser the web anonymously. Hide My Ass! can help by sending your connection through a proxy server.

Saves and encrypts your passwords on the LastPass web server. Log in to websites with a single click.
ExtensionPersonal Blocklist (by Google)
Frankly, this should be included by default. It adds the ability to block websites that you find suspicious (or just annoying) at any time. They’ll no longer appear in search results.
Tired of websites running scripts without permission? ScriptNo can fix that by blocking some or all of them.
With ViewThru, you’ll be able to see the full site URL before clicking on any shorted link, which can be a huge benefit in terms of security.

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