Best Chrome Extensions/Addons for Social Addicts

Internet has made our social life very easy. You won’t miss that funny thing your friend wanted to tell you  when you were not around. You won’t miss the latest happenings in your neighbor hood, You won’t miss what your favourite superstar is upto and dot dot dot.  

Here is a quick look at the Best Chrome extensions that will enhance your online social life.

Buffer for Chrome

Buffer helps by putting your tweets in a queue and sending them out over time. You can write many tweets at once, and then have them sent throughout the day.
Pigeon Carrier makes it possible to share files over Twitter using your Dropbox account. Share files in your tweets by clicking the Add Attachment button.
A must-have for any Reddit fan, this extension places site functions such as vote, save and more in the Chrome interface.
Facebook for Chrome is an unofficial extension with brings Facebook features to your Chrome interface. Be updated with your news feed or chat with friends with this extension.
Want to reply to someone who has posted an update on Google+? This extension adds Reply and Reply to Author links, as well as a few other seemingly random enhancements.
Removes the newer Facebook Image Gallery in favor of the older solution, where each image was displayed on its own page.
Like Google+, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the updates to your stream? G+me simplifies this by making comments collapsible. Also adds notification features that will help you stay informed.
This simple link sharing extension can connect with a number of social networking services including Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and more.
Surplus provides access to Google Plus in Chrome through an interface button. Desktop notifications are also available.
Another alternative Twitter interface, TweetDeck works in full screen and re-arranges the interface so you can see more at once.
Once installed, Silverbird makes it possible to access Twitter functions from a button in the Chrome interface.

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