Chrome Closes Automatically. SOLUTION!

Google Chrome is one of the browsers you won’t expect a bug, in. But since it’s the internet, anything could happen. Recently, I wanted to do a research on ‘keywords’. What is the better option than Google keyword planner? But, I was not able to. As soon as I opened the link, Chrome closed automatically. It was worrying, but there is always a solution to a problem. Thanks to the internet.

FIX: Update Chrome Browser

Visit this site to learn: How to Update Chrome on your device. 




Re-install Chrome.

This fixed my problem. For it, you first have to uninstall Google Chrome and then Re-install it.

While uninstalling, you may face an error saying you need to close Chrome although you may already have.

Well, you just have to stop Chrome’s background apps.

Follow below to learn how to uninstall Chrome.

How to Uninstall Chrome:

Go to chrome settings.
Scroll to the bottom and click “Advanced”
Scroll down a little until you see “System”, under it uncheck the box saying: Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed 

Now, press Windows key + S and type “Add or remove program”.
In the settings window; find Chrome and click on it, then click “Uninstall”.

Now Download Chrome and install it.

Hopefully, your problem will be solved after this.

If you are still having problems. Feel free to comment below and tell me. I will do my best to solve it.

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