Forgotten Password on Windows 10? Here is how to Reset the password

Forgetting a password is a natural phenomenon which is why it is suggested to keep your password easy for you to remember but not easy enough for others to guess….

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How to Install Windows 10 on a New Hard Drive with USB

It doesn’t matter if your hard drive is new or old. The process to install Windows 10 on your hard drive is the same. How to Install Windows 10 on…

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Keyboard and Mouse Recorder for Task Automation

The keyboard and mouse recorder can be used to automate your tasks so you don’t have to do the work that can easily be done, automatically. Like, gathering large information…

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How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 10

Have you tried pressing F2 repeatedly in the boot screen, only to see that nothing happens? Well, that is because of the startup time which has exponentially decreased since the…

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Easy Fix for no Sound after Windows 10 Update (How to Use Recovery Option!)

Windows Update can be a blessing sometimes and a curse sometimes. I recently solved my Graphics Driver issue with Windows Update, which was very unexpected and after that, I started…

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