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What to do after Installing Ubuntu Linux?

Windows users are switching to Ubuntu Linux and it’s a pretty good choice. It is clean, has a nice design and performs well. Overall it’s a decent operation system and…

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How to Play PUBG on Pc for Free

You can use a software to mirror your device’s screen to your computer or if you have a high end pc but a slow mobile, you can use an emulator to to play pubg

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How to Recover Deleted Data in Windows

If you have accidentally deleted your data, even from recycle bin, there are ways that could help you get them back. How to restore data from recycle bin? Nearly anyone…

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Chrome feature no. 2

2: Drag and Drop Downloaded files: Google chrome shows a downloaded file in the left bottom of the browser window, which can be moved on to everywhere. Simple, Drag and…

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Apple iPad Air

Apple’s  iPadAir. Yes, Buy it. 

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