Apple Fitness Fitness app

Apple Fitness+ the only Fitness App You Need

What is Apple Fitness+ ?  Apple Fitness+ is the latest subscription-based fitness app by Apple. Amid the pandemic when people can’t hit the gym, the service can help you stay…

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iPhone homescreen ideas for inspiration

Brilliant iPhone Home Screen Ideas for Inspiration

The internet is rumbling after a decade later when Apple finally allowed to mingle with iPhone home screens. With widgets, creative users have found ways to use the customization feature…

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Mac Sleep Mode

Why is Sleep Mode Better than Shut down for MacBook?

Being into Windows for decades; “Shut Down” was a ritual for reserving energy and keeping the computer unharmed. Back then sleep mode was never considered or taught. It was considered…

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Top 3 VPNs for Mac

The 3 Best VPNs for Mac

Mac is famous for providing bulletproof security. Apple fans find it an insult to have security software for their Macs. Where Apple VPN does stand up to its reputation of…

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18 magsafe accessories are perfect match for your new iphone 12 12 pro.w1456

What is a MagSafe charger, and how it works?

The world is evolving and the days of wired charging are soon to end. Apple being the trendsetter, has introduced a wireless magnetic charger MagSafe that looks like a zoomed…

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