stress relief

5 Promising iPhone Apps for Anxiety, Depression and Stress Relief

Life isn’t easy, and sometimes you need to make the best of your available resources to help you get past it. Thanks to smartphones being within everyone’s reach, apps can…

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Best Mac Antivirus/AntiMalware in 2020

5 Proven Antivirus Programs to keep your Mac Safe!

To many; an antivirus software helps stop malicious downloads. True. But it does a lot more; from detecting suspicious attachments, phishing & faking websites to protecting synced gadgets. And yes, Mac…

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rsz apple silicon chip

ARM Chipset Will Evolve Gaming on Mac, Apple’s Goodbye to Intel

Update: Apple’s 12-inch MacBook will have the first ARM chipset ever on a Mac. The report first seen on 9to5 Mac, comes from supply chain TSMC; Apple’s only supplier of…

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Lidar sensor

Apple’s Next Level AR LiDAR Sensor Begins

At the unveiling of iPad pro-2020, Apple brought out a sleek-esque looking iPad. The company introduced trackpad support and the A12Z Bionic chip, but most prominent was the Apple LiDAR…

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Powerful Habit to Detach from Work for Remote Workers.

Covid-19 has transformed everyone into a remote worker, including tech giants and small businesses. And it seems telecommuting is here to stay even after the epidemic, though it comes with…

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ipad mac osx scaled

2020 iPad Pro is So Powerful, It can run macOS x Leopard!!

Apple fans have been longing for a desktop-class operating system on their tablets. Apple got close by introducing SideCar in macOS Catalina that mirrors your desktop to the iPad you…

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ios 13 featured 3 scaled

Top 5 Favourite iOS 13 Features

The latest version of iOS, 13, comes with a plethora of features suggesting improvements and increased usability. Some features include: improved photo and video editing tools, the beautiful dark mode,…

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First picture of download in iOS 13 post

Download Manager Now on Safari in iOS 13, Finally!

I can’t believe it’s finally happened. Apple has decided to allow its users to download files easily from its Safari browser with the introduction of a download manager in the…

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Top 5 features in macOS Catalina

Apple has released its latest and best version of its efficient MacOS: The MacOS Catalina. It has an array of new features that Apple has tirelessly worked hard on in…

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Vr Station

Best VR(Virtual Reality) App of All and How to Use it

VR is the future of how you experience something you are not physically in contact with. Apps are bursting out there to fill your needs. Out of those many, there…

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