Apple Card AR concept Volodymyr Kurbatov 001 scaled

Concept shows Amazing use of AR with Apple Card

Apple is thrusting towards an AR-powered future with continuous AR feature upgrades in the recent past and upcoming software releases. Rumours of Apple working on AR glasses. And the LiDAR…

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iphone 12 pro concept dbs scaled

Most Anticipated iPhone 2020 Features as we get Closer to Official Launch

The internet is bursting with queries about the iPhone 2020 features and specs. Designers are working to show what Apple might bring to the stage based on rumours and leaks…

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rsz facebookapple scaled

Apple Shutdown Internal Apps, Causing Havoc at Facebook HQ

A new book by Steven-Levy is out, named “Facebook: the Inside story”. He writes how Apple brought havoc at the Facebook HQ when it revoked the enterprise certificate. The incident…

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Digital Car Key Apple iOS 1024x576 1 scaled

Apple to replace your Car’s Key with iPhone and Apple Watch

Since its inception, smartphones are progressively replacing our everyday usage items. Things including camera, computer, wallet are already on the list. Soon, the carkey could be added in the array…

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rsz powerstation go

Mophie Portable Power bank can Power up your iPhone and Car as well

The latest coming from Mophie is an uncommon power bank, which was introduced in CES 2020 as the “PowerStation Go”. What’s unusual is its ability to charge your iPhone And…

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