A13 vs Snapdragon s888 benchmark

Benchmarks show 2021 Flagship Android Phones to be Slower than Older iPhones

The Qualcomm benchmark is a heartbreak for Android fans. Tests reveal that the next year’s flagship phones, including the Galaxy s21 which will house the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, will have…

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apple airpods max listening experience 1

Ex-Apple Designer says AirPods Max took 4 years to Show

Former Apple designer says the company planned for AirPods Max; 4 years ago, the same year the first AirPods got out. Dinesh Dave, who is currently a product designer for…

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Facebook dark mode iOS

Facebook’s Dark Mode is coming soon on iOS devices

After a long wait, it’s finally here. Facebook is implying the Dark Mode feature introduced in iOS 13, to its Facebook app on iOS devices; the significant aesthetic change is…

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Upcoming Apple Events after iPhone 12 release

Upcoming Apple events and Products After iPhone 12 release

After a year of hype and excitement and rumours about the iPhone 12 with an iPhone 4 design and addition of Apple’s revolutionary AR LiDAR Scanner and more, the iPhone…

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iPhone unlocked by FBI

FBI Has Unlocked One iPhone Used By Mass Shooter In Florida, Again…

Reported by CNN; FBI has unlocked one of the two iPhones owned by Mohammad Saeed Aishamrani. In December 2019, a mass shoot down took place at Naval Air Station, Florida. The…

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