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All the ways to Toggle Light and Dark Mode on iOS 13

Do you want to change your theme to the dark mode or maybe back to light mode? The choice is all yours. Below you’ll find all the ways to switch…

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How to Take a Screenshot or Record Screen on Mac OS

You might be new to Mac OS or just haven’t really needed to take a screenshot – very rare. Well, you are going to find out how to do it…

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How to Remove Siri Recordings from Apple Servers and Stop Any Future Recording

Talking with Siri can be fun and all but it can threaten your privacy. In case you don’t know, Apple used contractors to monitor and observe your chit chat with…

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WhatsApp for Android now supports fingerprint lock heres how to setup

Swiftly Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint(or Face) on iOS and Android

If you have private chats and valuable information that you don’t want to expose to anyone. You may want to take precautionary steps before you end up getting your phone…

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First picture of download in iOS 13 post

Download Manager Now on Safari in iOS 13, Finally!

I can’t believe it’s finally happened. Apple has decided to allow its users to download files easily from its Safari browser with the introduction of a download manager in the…

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