Top 5 Apps to Avoid Distractions and Increase Productivity

How to avoid distractions and become productive

Distraction may not look threatening at a glance, but it comes with a hefty price, which is paid in the form of declined productivity and a lack of focus. But, don’t worry, this article will teach you how to easily avoid distractions, and become productive.

Few major distractions that drain our productivity and focus are notifications from Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp and other apps, but the right tools can help you avoid distractions and be more productive.

There are many apps to help you maintain your focus and avoid distractions, they come as browser extensions that block distracting sites, some as apps for your Mac or Pc that hide all the apps, keeping in view the important one. 

Certain apps compassionately notify when you get sidetracked, and some.. a little more strictly, but they are all helpful, depending which helps you focus. 

Distraction is a global phenomenon and is backed with a lot of studies and researches which have proven time after time about the ill effects of distraction. One such research conducted by Psychological scientists at George Mason University found out that; “Not only does distraction suck up your time, but it also hurts the quality of the work.” 

Another mind-bending study, held at the University of California Irvine, showed that a minor distraction in your work takes up 23 minutes and 15 seconds to regain focus back to your work! It’s hard to believe, but the studies say it, telling how critical it is to avoid distractions.

So, below are some of the top apps that will help you fight distractions and help you focus on your work.

Freedom – Reduce Distractions (iOS, macOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Windows)

Freedom can steal all the freedom that is bad for you and your productivity. It can help avoid unneeded apps and websites that are causing a distraction, be it on your iPhone, iPad or a computer. And! this app is serious when it comes to fighting distractions, as it also has a feature that can lock down internet access on your devices… 

You can use Freedom app either manually by creating a session and choosing what you want to block when you want to focus, Or, you can automatically set the app to switch off distractions for a certain period every day, for instance, you can block YouTube at 3 pm every day until 11 am. 

And, in case you doubt you can sneak your way to change the app settings, the app has a “Locked Mode”, which will prevent you from changing any settings in the middle of the session. 

Showcasing a nice dashboard with a nice UX, Freedom is one of the best all-in-one app to help you against distractions, and help accomplish tasks so you end the day without regrets, and into a satisfying slumber. Hard work feels great right.

Freedom costs $6.99/month, $29.04/year, or $129/lifetime. Free trial for seven sessions.

Check it out here

Self-Control (macOS) 


Self-Control is an open-source app, exclusive to macOS to help you be productive. The app enables you to cut out your time hogging websites And other internet related stuff, such as mail servers, so you can perform your best, in less time. Using this app, you just have to add sites to the blacklist, set a period to block, and click “Start” and your productive time begins. 

Self-control allows you to white-list the websites, which will block all other websites except those you have whitelisted.

Alright, Once you start the session you can’t undo it and the only way to stop the timer is to restart your computer. And that’s exactly what one should expect from a good distraction killer app; to not let anything distract you… anything! 

The best part is that this app is free.

Check it out here

Focus To-do (Android, iOS, iPad OS, Apple Watch, Mac, Windows, Chrome)

This app combines the power of the Pomodoro timer with your to-do list. You can plan your work and studies, or create a buying list, Or even set reminders for special events like your birthday. 

The app also tells the amount of time spent on tasks through its reporting feature. You can also take notes, so you never miss important information while doing work, in case it slips from your mind. 

Focus To-do Free version has all the features you’ll need. Premium costs $2.99/3 month, or 8.99/lifetime.

Check it out here

Clean-up youtube (Chrome)

Sometimes you just need YouTube for something or the other with its massive collection of helpful videos. The bad thing is once you’re in, you get irrelevant suggestions and tempting thumbnails to click on, it’s a 90% chance that you’ll dive into the unending YouTube Rabbit hole, and that is where this chrome plugin comes for the rescue. 

Once the plugin is installed, search and click the play button icon in your chrome dashboard, a pop-up will show up, then click and Hide the distracting elements of Youtube. You can Hide Hompage feed, Sidebar, Recommended videos, playlist and hide everything other than the video. I recommend this plugin if you’re a YouTube addict like me.

Check it out here

Block Site (Chrome)

Another nice chrome extension is Block Site, it does exactly what it says. You can enable the extension and enter the websites you want to block, and the next time you open these websites, it’ll show a page to remind you to get back to work or redirect to a page of your choice. A nifty feature includes scheduling the time you want the websites to block, and on which days. 

Check it out here (Android, iOS, Web) is a web and smartphone app providing soundtracks to help you Focus, Relax and Sleep. The tracks include relaxing chimes and bowls, electronic music, heavy rains and other sounds as well.

The creators of suggest that soundtracks have scientifically proven to help focus and enhance productivity. And thus is the basis of is Free for five sessions and limited features; from $6.95/month for unlimited

Check it out here

Bonus App:

DayOne (macOS, iOS, iPadOS)

The apps mentioned above help you get rid of external distractions, but what if you’re distracted within your mind? DayOne is different than others in the list, it’s a journaling app. It has proven to be of great help when I have a stream of thoughts and just couldn’t help myself avoid distractions. All I do is put my thoughts in the journal and get my mind empty so I have space for what’s more important.

DayOne Basic is Free, Premium costs 2.92/mo.

Check it out here


Now gear up with the distraction killer app you find best to work for you and start focusing on what truly matters, and show the world what you can do!

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