The Only Stress and Anxiety Calming Apps you need on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Calming apps for peace and relaxation

Life isn’t easy, and sometimes you need to make the best of your available resources to reach the light. And with smartphones and apps within everyone’s reach, some calming apps can be of immense help for stress and anxieties. Such apps also give leverage to better decisions in your life through a mindful approach.

Although most mental health doctors prescribe less screen time, there are some calming apps that have shown tremendous effects in improving mental health. Such apps help people looking to lead a healthier life tackling a variety of mental hurdles including stress, depression and anxiety. On the other hand, some aim to enhance focus, happiness, and serenity in your life by teaching you to be present using ancient practices like meditation and mindfulness in order to get the best out of your limited life.

I personally recommend these awesome apps. Check them out.

Kick the buddy

Kick the Buddy is a physics-based game that gives a ragdoll figure you can send to oblivion. I randomly came across this game struggling with issues, and I can tell you; it’s great for relieving stress and grudges you might be holding in. 

Of course, the game gets negative comments because of its violent nature, but I think the game helps clear out grudges you are holding in which are a natural part of being human. And this game can help you deal with it in the best manner, so you can think from a better state of mind, a clearer more profound state, for living a better life making healthier decisions.

The app is rated 12+, but seeing its violent nature that goes around torturing buddy with a plethora of weapons, heck, even godly powers like a tornado, and Thor’s Mjolnir lightning hammer, the game is definitely unsafe for kids.

Cost: Free with In-game purchases

Get it on iOS / Android



This AI chatbot can transform your day. Youper is one of the first emotional health assistants. The app helps in tracking your mood through a friendly AI-powered chat interface, and also provides guided mindfulness and other techniques. The app acts like a therapy session, which you can access whenever you want. It helps unwind your brain by being non-judgmental.

It’s one of the best calming apps that amalgamates technology with emotional healing. Youper uses AI to learn as you continue using it, and get constant updates with the latest scientific research and studies about cognition.

Cost: Free

Get it on iOS / Android

Calm app 

Awarded “Apple App of the Year 2017”. Calm provides a more traditional way of dealing with stress and anxiety – compared to the apps above. It offers an array of guided meditations that focus more on relaxing and calming down in distinction with other meditation apps that work on your deep thinking and creativity.  

The Calm app has everything you could wish for in a meditation app, from teaching “How to Meditate” to tackling Stress, Anxiety, Depression, lack of sleep, and more… 

Calm also includes breathing exercises, bedtime stories and sleepy melodies, for the fast track to a peaceful slumber. The premium app includes these alongside Calm Body programs, monthly Calm Masterclasses and exclusive music. 

Cost: $14.99 per month, $69.99 per year, $399.99 lifetime subscription

Get it on iOS / Android

Day one 

A man once went to a wise man for enlightenment, seeing that the man didn’t understand anything, the wise man put a cup in front of him and started pouring water in it, and soon the water started spilling out… the man, astounded by the behaviour, told the wise man to stop there’s, no space left for more… the wise man replied, “This cup is like your mind, You need to empty it to make space for more.”

And that’s where Day One comes in for the rescue. By Journaling your thoughts, you are creating space for new and productive thoughts, to help solve your issues with the best of your abilities you never knew you had. 

Day One is a great journaling app, you can set reminders to let you pen your thoughts so you can focus on the work in front of you. 

Apart from being a great productivity app, it has multiple uses, such as noting down memories with pictures of your loved ones you can see after a decade to foster irreplaceable moments.

Cost: Free with in-app purchase.

Get it on iOS / Android / macOS

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese medicine that provides pain and tension relief through massaging of pressure points. This app illustrates the position of the pressure points that can help alleviate many symptoms of stress and anxiety. Such include, headache, muscle tension etc… Simply, type in your symptoms and it will show you the pressure points you can massage for healing.

Cost: $1.99

Get it on iOS / Android

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