Upcoming Apple events and Products After iPhone 12 release

Upcoming Apple Events after iPhone 12 release

After a year of hype and excitement and rumours about the iPhone 12 with an iPhone 4 design and addition of Apple’s revolutionary AR LiDAR Scanner and more, the iPhone 12 was finally released on October 13. But that’s not it from Apple. The innovation giant is still thrusting towards more epic products, and today we will discuss upcoming Apple events release and launch dates of Apple’s innovative products. 

So here are the four hottest products Apple is planning to unveil.

AirPod Studio 

Apple is working on an over-the-air headset inspired by Beats. The headphones news got on fire after Jon Prosser, the Apple leaker, tweeted the AirPod Studio renders. Then, on October 16, Jon Prosser tweeted the Apple event for the sleek headphones to be held on March 16, 2021

Apple 4k TV

Apple is willing to tackle the dominating PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming industry giants with its new Apple TV box. The new Apple TV may house the A14X chip. According to the rumours, Apple is planning for a 64 GB version and also a more expensive 128 Gb version to compete with massive gaming titles such as Resident Evil 8.

And once again from John Prosser, the Apple TV 6 is rumoured to launch in Spring 2021

Apple Glasses

Apple’s interest in the Augmented and Virtual reality business has significantly ramped up. The Apple glasses are backing many rumoured release dates. One whispered release date is around March and June of 2021; yes, it’s from John Prosser as well. The guy has a track record of predicting Apple products release dates and features.

Apple ARM Laptops

Apple announced in the WWDC 2020 event that it is decidedly dumping the Intel-chipsets in its Macs and MacBooks. The future Macs will now come with Apple’s own ARM chipset. The same chips Apple uses in its iPhones and iPads. The company’s transtion will evolve the whole Mac and gaming scenario. According to Jon Prosser, yes, the ARM Macs will possibly unveil on November 17th.

Apple fans are just as excited to see Apple bring amazing products as Apple inc. is to release new and innovative tech.

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