Top 5 2020 iPhone Rumours on the Internet

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Although, the iPhone 11 was released not too far from today. Curiosity has sparked over the 2020 iPhones. Expected to be, the iPhone 12, and the widely rumoured, iPhone SE 2.

There are many rumours flying around about the 2020 iPhones. The top, most rumoured are the ones below:

Top 5 2020 iPhone Rumours

  • 5G: According to a report by Tom’s guides, all the 3 iPhones will include a faster networking option.
  • Notchless Design. A well-known twitter user, Ben Geskin, tweeted that Apple is planning a new and smaller Face ID prototype with new optics that are smaller in width and more narrow that fit in the top bezel, hence, avoid the need of any extra notch.
  • In-screen Touch ID. Bloomberg, recently, wrote an article on the In-screen TouchID technology in the upcoming iPhones.
  • Faster processor and 3d Camera. Bloomberg, a trusted apple product’s reporter give directions to a 3d Camera and a faster 5nm A14 bionic chipset.
  • Higher Fps than Pixel 4. Digitimes report lights the path to a higher frame rate, reportedly, 120 Hz or 120 fps.

Excerpt from the article:
“The upcoming fingerprint reader would be embedded in the screen, letting a user scan their fingerprint on a large portion of the display, and it would work in tandem with the existing Face ID system, the people familiar with Apple’s plans said.”

Recently, a Redditor posted a video on iPhone 2020 leaks and encapsulates several rumours until now. Do check it out.


Though iPhone 11 isn’t lacklustre, it has solid specs including increased security. Looking at some of the rumours, the 2020 iPhone will pack more hardcore upgrades and may convince an iPhone 11 buyer to skip to the 2020 iPhone. As it will expectedly be the biggest upgrade to iPhones.

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