This Week’s Top Stories about Dark Mode

Top news about Dark Mode

The Dark theme has spread like a wildfire among the top tech companies in the world. The companies are implementing the Dark/Light mode facility in their latest givings due to its massive demand.  

The Dark Mode gives a classy look(same as apparels) to the software and induces health benefits, according to researchers.

These are the top stories about Dark Mode.

WhatsApp Rival Telegram adds Dark Mode Convenience in-app.

Telegram claims to be the fastest cloud messaging service. In its latest update, Telegram enables the user to go from Light to Dark mode. Telegram, for iOS users, opens with Dark Mode if you have Dark Mode enabled on your device, and Light Mode, if you have Light Mode enabled in iOS 13.

Alternatively, you can choose the Dark Theme in-app as well, which would keep the app unaffected when changing the system’s theme. You can permanently switch your app to Dark theme by going to Settings > Appearance > Night on iOS. Alongside, you are given three more themes: Classic, Tinted and Morning Apple to choose from as well.

Instagram Fixes Dark Mode 

Instagram heard their consumers, finally!. Initially, the Dark Mode request surfaced the internet, and Instagram even added the Dark theme to its app, but certain features were disliked by its users, like the need to manually access the app settings to turn on Dark mode.

Fortunately, Instagram fixed that. Now, the Dark mode activates automatically when you put your system to Dark Mode.

The Dark theme makes the screen less hurtful to eyes which is a big benefit, especially for hefty social app users.

Slack adds Dark Mode in Desktop Version

Slack has also engulfed in the Dark Mode trend booming in the digital market. Slack previously made dark mode available to its smartphone users and now adds the Dark Mode to its desktop variant as well.

Slack has added support for Dark Mode in Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also enables you to choose from white, purple, and some other darker shades as well.

The availability of Dark Mode in the app was hugely anticipated by its users, according to the company. 

“Dark Mode is an important feature for lots of people. It’s helpful for working at night or in low-light, and we know many need it for accessibility reasons like visual impairments, migraines or other visual disorders,” Slack Accessibility Product Manager George Zamfir, said. “Today, we’re happy to make it possible to switch to the dark side on Slack desktop apps, and to offer new Dark Mode themes.”

Twitter reveals ‘Darker’, Dark Mode

Back in March, Twitter added the Dark Mode feature in iOS devices and twitter is now adding the much-requested darker ‘Light Out’ hues to Android.

When Twitter first launched the ‘Light Out’ Dark mode feature, it wasn’t dark black, instead, it was much lighter than that.


Companies have overhauled their apps to add the Dark Mode feature, which strengthens the significance of Dark Mode in our everyday life. It reduces eye strain, makes the screen classy and guess what, it improves battery life, all without charges.

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