Most Anticipated iPhone 2020 Features as we get Closer to Official Launch

iphone 12 pro concept dbs scaled

The internet is bursting with queries about the iPhone 2020 features and specs. Designers are working to show what Apple might bring to the stage based on rumours and leaks from trusted sources.

The recent pandemic might have affected iPhone 2020 plans somehow, but Apple seems to stick with its ‘September event’ for its Big iPhone announcement.

Before the event though, all we have are anticipations, rumours and leaks of the next iPhone, which are progressively getting close to the real thing, as the launch date nears.

This article gathers designers, well-known for their concept designs. And, the features and aesthetics they expect in the next iPhone, based on rumours and leaks from reliable sources. So let’s get into it;

Concept by ConceptiPhones

Adding “Dark Teale” colour, the concept includes features like pro retina XDR display, in-screen camera, A14 Bionic 5nm chip and wireless charging. The bold feature that Bagrov’s and Anton’s concept shows is the removal of physical keys on the side, into touch interactive keys, how cool is that!

Concept by Tecnizo

The Technizo concept includes most of the rumoured iPhone 2020 features, with the addition of edge frame design, more like the iPhone 4. The concept also includes the LiDAR sensor on the back.

Concept by Hacker34

The design shows a boxy one with squared-off edges having the iPhone 4’s frame. Other features include an increase in screen size from iPhone 11 pro(5.8 inches) and iPhone 11 Pro Max(6.5 inches) to 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.

Features, including the Face ID, adjust in a smaller notch, not to mention the ultra snappy A14 Bionic chip visible in most iPhone 2020 concepts. 

Concept by DBS designing 

This concept highlights an in-display fingerprint reader unlike any you have seen before. It unlocks by placing your finger anyplace at the bottom area of the iPhone screen. A dazzling concept, though its too good to be true, maybe something to expect in the next couple of years.

The features common in these concept designs include LiDAR scanner, an A14 bionic chip, overhauled notch design, among others. 

All we have for now are speculations based on leaks and rumours. Let’s wait and watch what Apple has in store for us. 

Update 17/04/2020: iPhone 12 Pro Max CAD renders fully revealed.

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