Long press(Haptic Touch) takes over 3D Touch starting from iOS 13

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Starting from iOS 13 Apple developers have taken back 3D Touch, also known as Force Touch, and instead, put its functionalities to the old school; long-press gesture, but, with haptic feedback. Collectively the Haptic Touch. You can find the answers related to the haptic and 3d Touch in this article.

What is Force Touch?

Apple first introduced the Force touch technology back in 2014 with iPhone 6s and 6s plus being the first ones come with it. It includes a pressure sensing display that adds another method of interaction with your iOS device. It has a pressure sensor which recognises the different levels of pressures that respond according to the pressure level options preset by the developers.

What is Haptic Touch?

Haptic Touch was presented by Apple in 2018 starting with iPhone XR and then continued to add on the upcoming iPhones. Haptic Touch changes the pressure sensing to a timed one. It’s like 3D Touch but requires a prolonged press that leads to the tactile feedback, with the help of Apple’s Taptic Engine, and shows a secondary menu, and then, options in the secondary menu activate with a single tap.

The Taptic Engine in Apple’s devices creates tactile feelings in the form of deliberate vibrations. Which creates an impression of a button when the screen is pressed. 

What is different in Haptic Touch and 3D Touch?

The 3D Touch preset multiple levels of pressure with different functions on Apple devices. Which means that a softer pressure leads to another option, while a harder press, to another one.

Apple added the peek and pop feature to the apple devices which used the 3D Touch. It activated on a softer pressure and showed a preview and popped the full preview with a hard press; same as that of clicking a link. 

Fortunately, the peek feature is there in safari and apps that support Haptic Touch, but in the Haptic Touch, you’ll have to long-press to see the preview, unlike the pressurised touch in the 3D Touch.

Which iPhones have Haptic Touch? 

Starting for iPhone 6s every other iPhone has Haptic Touch. While the 3D Touch is available only in 6s, 6s plus, 7, 8, Xs, Xs Max. 3D Touch is not present in iPhones XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Although, the 3d Touch was an amazing innovation developed by Apple. It hasn’t kept up to what Apple expected. I prefer Haptic touch to be a much better option than the 3d Touch on Apple devices that I use.

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