Is iPhone 12 mini a step closer to Nokia 3310 in durability with Ceramic Shield?

iPhone 12 mini ceramic shield drop test

At the iPhone event, fans were expecting 5g, iPhone 4 design comeback, the addition of a bezel-less iPhone 12 mini but the less heard rumours before launch were of the iPhone with a sturdier screen. Apple’s introduction of a stronger display: the Ceramic Shield was quite a surprise. According to the company, it is the toughest screen ever on a smartphone. And if you know Apple, you know it’s rarely seen that the tech giant doesn’t stand up to its words.

This time it’s no exception. Soon after Apple’s virtual keynote, Youtubers climbed the bandwagon and started torturing and passing the iPhone through jarring tasks.

YouTubers including EverythingApplePro, JerryRigEverything did their best test to put the new Ceramic Shield to test.

…And the results were astonishing. Overall, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and Pro Max were relentless, though the smaller, iPhone 12 mini, showed better results thanks to its lightweight and smaller size.

Ceramic Shield creators: Croning, said that larger screen devices are more likely to bend and those bigger devices may also have more energy at impact. While it’s true, but, the screen variation isn’t always the concern as the phone’s design can also play part in the results.

A well-known tech review site Cnet performed iPhone 12 mini drop tests which were painful(iPhone fans will understand). In the experiment, the iPhone mini undertook 7 drop tests on the sidewalk. The tests were taken with an average consumer in mind, starting from pocket height drops of 1 foot, up-to-the highest of 9 feet.

The consecutive drop tests, both with iPhone facing up and on its back showed that the Ceramic Shield indeed has the toughest smartphone screen. The iPhone 12 mini didn’t get a single scar on the front albeit extreme heights. However, the aluminium frame got damaged with each drop. And the back, which uses the previous generation glass; eventually cracked on the 7th drop with few hairlines.

Also, camera lenses cracked in the 4th drop. Though the camera app worked fine after the hit. Though it might show lens flares, and lens breaking wholly eventually.

Here are some more iPhone 12 mini durability tests you’d like:

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone Pro Max Scratch test

All the tests prove that the Ceramic Shield is a real deal. Though, for the rest of the iPhone; like the aluminum frame, back, and expensive camera lenses, it’s best to use a case for protection.

And as Apple said; their iPhones have passed real-world tests and are durable, not indestructible. If any user worries about dropping their iPhones and damaging them, there are many beautiful covers available.

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