iPhone’s privacy ad is blissful as usual.

apple lock

Apple clearly knows how important privacy is. In the latest ad on its Youtube channel, Apple states privacy is simple, with iPhone.

The ad shows a beautiful view of the city making a drone-like video with soothing background music and a voice trying to tell how our day to day interaction with technologies has opened paths for burglars to break into our private things.

“Right now, there is more private information on your phone than in your home. Think about that. So many details about your life right in your pocket. This makes privacy more important now than ever.”

“Your location, your messages, your heart rate after a run. These are private things. Personal things. And they should belong to you. Simple as that.”

In the video description, Apple also states that privacy should be simple and straight forward.

“We believe your privacy should never be something you have to question. It should be simple, straightforward, and understanding.”

Privacy. That’s iPhone – Apple

The video ends with a simple but heavy line, Privacy. That’s iPhone. which sums up the motto of the video.

Apple has been making a series of ads focusing on privacy lately. Though, compared to other ads, the above ad has a more serious tone.

Apple’s privacy policy is mentioned on its website at https://www.apple.com/privacy.

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